Come and meet us

Smålands industrimässa, Euro Expo, Växjö, Sweden

2018-10-17 - 2018-10-18

Skomakarmässan 2019, Jönköping, Sweden
2019-04-06 - 2019-04-07



Many thanks for Nordbygg

Thanks for all the visits to our stand at Nordbygg. We are happy and thankful for our attandance at Nordbygg the main building fair in the Noric area. Thanks for all the nice and kind conversations and orders we recieved at the fair. Many many thanks.


Sollex gets tripple V rating

We are happy to announce that Sollex today (2018-03-29) recieved the highest rating (tripple V) by the rating institute Valuation.  This means that Sollex is one of the top 8% strongest companies in Sweden. We have the highest ranking when it comes to stability, profitability, valuation, and growth. In Valuation's own words Sollex is a golden company.


More Martor products

We are happy to re-introduce Martor 625001 with holder hand spare blade. It is probably one of the best auto retracable knives on the market. You find more information here: https://sollex.se/skerhetskniv-martor-secupro-625/product/625001


ELMIA Subcontractor fair

We are happy to announce that we will attend Northern Europe's leading subcontractor fair, ELMIA Subcontractor, in Jönköping the 15th to 16th of November.


New packaging

In August, we launch Sollex's new and attractive packaging. We hope all our reseller like our new packaging and it will help push resellers sales.


Leads get a discount

If you recruit a new paying customer to Sollex, we will give you 15% off your next order.


Advanced Engineering Oslo

Sollex will participate in the Advanced Engineering fair in Oslo in September 2017. It is Norways largest industrial exhibition 2017. A lot of other cool organizations and people a will also participate such as NASA and Bård Eker. Drop us a line and we send you an invitation.


Safe knife handling course

Sollex has published a safe knife handling course in Swedish on Sollex website. It is free and you can use it to train your staff in whatever way you want. Go to the course >


New security knives

Sollex now offers all safety knives from Martor, Mure & Peyrot, Olfa and Klever. Safety knives for professional users.


Spring meeting in Pathology

Spring meeting in Pathology in Malmö. Sollex will during this meeting introduce a revolutionary upgrade of our Pathease knife. Please come and try it out.


Nordbygg 2018

Sollex will participate in Nordbygg 2018 in Stockholm. Sollex will present all products relevant for professional flooring, roofing, and construction workers.


Sollex 4.0

Sollex gets external funding of 170 000 SEK from Swedish authorities Almi, Region Skåne, Tillväxtverket, etc to implement Sollex 4.0. Sollex 4.0 strives to implement a converting web strategy and a long list of system improvements. Sollex will invest additional 170 000 SEK and hope Sollex digital competitiveness will be ready for the future.


Coatings cleared by FDA

Sollex high performance blades (ending with K, X, Z, and F) use only certificated coatings compliant with the Inventory of Effective Food Contact Substance Notifications acc. to 21 USC §348 Sev. 409 and Article 3 of Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 as surface coating for repeat-use food processing and food packaging equipment in Europe. Our certificated coatings ha been cleared by FDA with Food Contact Substance Notification 299 and may, therefore, come in contact with food in the United States of America.


Sollex celebrates 90 years

Sollex was founded in 1927 by Herman Falk who 19 years old rebuilt his home cellar to a razor blade plant. Today, 90 years later Sollex has grown to be the Nordic leader in within knives and blades. We celebrated 2017 with setting one-month sales turnover record in January 2017.


Sollex gets AAA rating

Sollex gets financial AAA rating by the rating Institute Bisnode. Sollex has outperformed on 2500 factors related to cash flow, financial statements, and ability to pay suppliers. 2,4% of all Swedish companies have AAA rating. We are very proud and happy for this appreciation and hope our customers will like our financial stability when they need knives and blades.